Checkbox Navigator

Library to add gmail-style keyboard control to your list of checkboxes. The library is designed to easily add to an existing page (as long as the page has checkboxes with the same name).

Download: code, view-source.
Targetted: all
Tested on: OS X: Safari 1.3, 2.0, win32: ie6, ff1.0.7

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Shortcuts: x  -  toggle   j  -  down   k  -  up   h  -  begin   l  -  end   o  -  show value


The most important features includes:

  • Works (almost) like gmail's page-scope, VIM-like, checkbox navigator
  • Act's like a plug-in on an existing page. Just add code provided in the sample chapter above
  • Also add's shift+mouse-click behaviour (select range)
  • Extends this behaviour to the keyboard (try capital X)
  • Checkbox state is not persisted (feature)
  • The scroll into view behavious is also a bit different, and works also in Safari.
  • A flexible select function is provided
  • Oh yes, the chevron is positioned static, also unlike gmail, so you don't have resizing/flow problems.


function Checkbox_OnToggle(chk) {'yellow':'';
function Global_OnKeyPress(chk,e)
    alert("Opening "+chk.value);
/*Sample code*/
window.onload=function() {